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Wellness Visit services offered in San Antonio, TX

Wellness visits are an essential part of preventive health and a need that should never be overlooked. At Sigma Primary Care in San Antonio, Texas, Michael Maloy, MD, offers personalized wellness visits that focus on your specific needs and goals. Begin the process by calling the office to schedule a visit or booking an appointment online today.

Wellness Visit Q & A

What are wellness visits?

A wellness visit is an appointment where you can receive preventive health services. These annual visits are an opportunity for you to meet with your primary care provider and focus on how to prevent disease and enhance your overall health and wellness. 

The purpose of wellness visits is to ensure you’re on track to improve your health, avoid disease, or maintain good health. They’re also an opportunity for you to receive customized guidance on any health topic you like. 

What happens during wellness visits?

Some aspects of a wellness visit are similar to routine physical exams. You answer a questionnaire about your overall health, health history, and lifestyle. This information helps your provider assess your risk level for various types of chronic disease. 

A basic exam may follow, along with gathering data on your height, weight, blood pressure, lung function, and more. All of this information is added to your personal medical record. 

Setting health and wellness goals and constructing a plan to meet those goals is an essential part of the process. If you’d like to get more rest, drop a few pounds, or enhance your stress management skills, be sure to bring those issues up during your visit. 

If protecting yourself from chronic disease is your primary goal, your physician can assess your risk level and help you make meaningful lifestyle changes that can help keep you healthy and happy. 

How can I best prepare for my wellness visit?

One thing you can do to make the most of your wellness visit is to create a written record of all medications and supplements you’re taking. Many drugs don’t work well together, and if you’ve been prescribed medications by more than one professional, your primary care doctor needs to track those medications. 

You should also think about what you’d like to accomplish from your visit. Medically supervised weight loss is available at Sigma Primary Care, and many people are interested in ways to move closer to an ideal weight. 

It can be helpful to bring in a written list of questions or concerns to ensure you don’t forget anything important during your visit. You should also be prepared to write down any information your doctor provides during your wellness visit.

If you’re overdue for a wellness visit or simply want to take a proactive approach to your health and wellness, call the office today to check appointment availability. Online booking is also an option, and it can be done from the comfort of home, any time of day or night.