About Sigma Primary Care

About Sigma Primary Care

Sigma Primary Care is dedicated to meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of patients in and around San Antonio, Texas. The primary care practice, founded by Michael Maloy, MD, delivers top-quality care that enhances your quality of life and preserves optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Maloy serves as the primary physician at Sigma Primary Care. Warm and welcoming, he finds his work deeply fulfilling. Many patients come to the practice on referrals of loved ones, which is a testament to patient satisfaction. 

Preventive health is the foundation of primary care. The practice offers routine physicals and wellness visits to track health and wellness. These visits offer the chance to catch signs of concern in the earliest possible stages and are also an opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance on a variety of health topics. 

When illness or injury arises, the team at Sigma Primary Care is here to help. Chronic disease management is available for diabetes, hypertension, asthma, allergies, and much more. Urgent care services can meet unexpected acute care needs.

The practice acknowledges that men and women have distinct health and wellness needs, offering men’s health and women’s health services while providing an opportunity to connect with a compassionate provider. 

Hormone replacement therapy, sexual health, and stress management are among these available services. 

For residents of the Greater San Antonio area who are searching for outstanding health and wellness treatment, Sigma Primary Care is a wonderful resource. 

Book an initial visit online or by phone to learn more about all that the practice has to offer, and remember that telehealth visits are always an option.